Saturday, December 2, 2017

A New SSB Transceiver for 2018

A New Transceiver for 2018

Build this transceiver for $120!


This transceiver will leap tall buildings in a single bound, will go faster than a speeding bullet and is stronger than cobalt steel. Save your Christmas money for this project.

The basic circuit uses the Plessey PNP NPN bilateral amplifier as found in EMRFD ahead and following the Crystal filters which are diode steered. I have found you can use 8 VDC versus the recommended 6 VDC and you see a significant gain improvement. Ahead and following the IF amp block are ADE-1's where on the front end it is used as the Rx Tx mixer stage. On the back end the ADE-1 is used as the Product Detector on receive and as the Balanced Modulator on transmit.

While this test setup used a signal 2N3904 as the Rx RF Amplifier the final configuration will have two J310's configured as a Dual Gate MOSFET. There will be two small communications relays that will switch signals so that on Rx it is the receiver RF amp and on Tx it will be the transmit Pre-Driver. I have used this approach on the Simpleceiver Plus SSB transceiver and the Teensy 3.5 SDR transceiver. It works well!!!!

The audio amplifier stage use an NE5534 driving an LM380. For the microphone amp the 2N3904 is pressed into service. The Driver is the 2N2222 followed by a BD139. The Final is an IRF510. The current plan is to have this as a two band transceiver ~ very likely 40 and 20 Meters.

Pete N6QW


  1. Very nice Pete!!! I keep seeing these filters on ebay, but I haven't purchased any yet. The filters sound really good. Have you had any issues with them? I think they would work great on my double conversion rig. I guess I need to get busy and start building. Found some interesting parts at the Fort Wayne Hamfest. Some OM was selling SGA-6486 MMIC amplifiers quantity 6 for $5!!!! DC to 4500 Mhz approx. 16dB @ 50 ohm...I need to breadboard one up and test it out.

    73's and thanks for sharing your latest rig...Dean AC9JQ

  2. Welcome back from the Dark Side. I was afraid you would be ‘assimilated’.

    Great sounding RX!

  3. I can't keep up with you. I was working on the simpleceiver, and all of a sudden you had a working Teensy SDR. Before I could find information on that project, here you are working on another one using the German 9MHz. filters. I have had a board with those filters setting around for a year or so, and don't know what I should do. I could probably use some of what I had done for the simpleceiver, and use them in the new project instead. Or, I could keep doing what I have been and by the time I catch up to where you are now, I will be another 3 or 4 projects behind. I think my e-mail to you about the GBWR is more appropriate now than ever.

    1. Hi DuWayne,

      To assure that I make the GBWR I have but three weeks to build four more transceivers --it will be tight but possible. Stay tuned.

      As always good to hear from you,

      Pete N6QW


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