Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 ~ The year of SSB Transceivers

The KWM-4 ~ A True Homebrew Rig.

Pete N6QW

Who is Doing What to What?

(No this is not about the Emperor and the Porn Star!)

I raise this question because I think it is a good idea to always look beyond what one is doing in their shack and to see what is over the fence. I am on a quest to build a complete 20M homebrew SSB transceiver within the confines of an Altoids tin. The last time I built a really small SSB rig it was 16 cubic inches (2X2X4). So now how to make it even smaller.

To that end I am firm believer to doing research on what others are doing, which lead me to K.P.S.Kang, VU2KR. He has a blog called 

In the May, June and July of 2016 blogs there are entries regarding a rig he designed called the PIXET. This is an amazing design and it has many possibilities "built as is" as well as looking at the topology and how that could be incorporated into my "super small shirt pocket transceiver". Keep in mind there are always better mousetraps!

My friend Bill, N2CQR will love the PIXET, as it is an HDR (hardware defined radio) with loads of 2N2222's. The four pole filter is at 4.4333 MHz and the design seems straight forward. It also has plenty of get up and go with a pair of IRF510's operating with 24 VDC on the drains -- this is probably easily good to 20 Watts. The IF is a good choice and avoids some of the problems encountered at higher IF's.

At the heart of my quest is 1 watt on 20M and small size. My last small rig used about 95% of leaded components -- this time it will be mostly surface mount. Aside from the power level and small size this is to be a real rig and something fully usable and not in the toy category -- a real rig. The display will look like this and the controller will be a Pro Mini.

Yes, Virginia that is a quarter dollar in the photo --so you definitely see where this is headed.

Stay tuned.

Pete N6QW


  1. Hi Pete, in the process of finishing off a homebrew 70MHz VHF SSB transceiver, currently the build is undergoing panel wiring and I hope to have it finished this weekend.

    Several receive and transmit tests have been carried out with promising results, on receive I could hear the GB3ANG beacon in Scotland which is over 200 miles north of my QTH in Newcastle, England, I carried out some TX tests with a local station just over 5 miles away using 100mW and he could hear me - he even sent me an audio recording which I was pleased with.

    I don't update my blog as frequent as I should however please take a look here -

    Best Regards and 73


  2. Thanks for your post. I will check out your link. Fun project --great results.

    Pete N6QW


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