2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

Coming September 19th, A New RIG!

The Sudden 40 Meter Transceiver
(Design Data Provided for 20M)


I was advised that the latest SPRAT is in the Royal Mail and so later today on my website I will upload supplemental information on the Sudden SSB Transceiver. Part II which covers the transmitter elements will be "live" when Part II is released for publication. As will be evident once you read the article and the website -- building the receiver section puts you well on the way to the transceiver configuration. Hopefully once you read the information you will say --" I can build that rig!" If you have joined the GQRP Club  your very own SPRAT is on its way to you. 

Yet, another exciting project from the N6QW Radio Laboratories. 

Pete N6QW


9/15/2018 ~ Some Specifications:

  • Minimalist Circuitry ~ not a Bitx Knockoff!

  • 5 Watt "Ionosphere hole burning" output.

  • Two VFO's ~ All done with the Si5351.

  • Upper and Lower Sideband Panel Selectable.

  • FT8 & WSPR Ready with the N6QW Digital Adapter.

  • Featured in Upcoming Issues of GQRP SPRAT

  • Modular Construction / Small Footprint.

  • You do not need a PhD in EE to build this rig.

  • Additional Project Support via the N6QW website.

  • Design Data Provided for a 20 Meter Variant.

  • A Fun Rig with lots of Clout!

  • Another Innovative Project from the N6QW Labs.

    This is a true scratch built, homebrew project that will be unveiled to GQRP Club Members with the first installment in the next issue of SPRAT soon to hit the streets. If you are not a GQRP Club member then as my friend Bill N2CQR would say -- "you are wrong". Make quick tracks to the GQRP Club website and sign up today! 

For Those Who Want Digital (FT8 & WSPR)

A Digital Adapter for the Sudden XCVR.

Stay Tuned to this Space!

Pete, N6QW


  1. Pete, I'm not wrong. just not as right as I want to be...
    But I did signed up to GQRP and am now member #15909 so I can have a front row seat as you unveil your latest "Knack-fest".
    I'm on "French leave" from the bench as I deal with some Real Life Issues. I did get a new AD9850 module for the LBS part 1 nd I need to take some more measurements. Hopefully my Summer project doesn't turn into the Winter Project! HIHI
    Ralph AB1OP

  2. Hang in there Ralph. The next issue of SPRAT will be in the mail on September 18th. My website will contain additional information about this project and that too will be lit off on the 19th.


    One you see the full project you will see that it is not complex and easily replicated. Just a few more days. Thanks for joining the GQRP Club.

    Pete N6QW

    1. Thank you for the reply and encouragement. I received the 2018 Spring and Summer Issues so I saw your article on using the GQRP sales parts to mod or upgrade one of your previous projects. Quite inspiring.73 Ralph AB1OP

  3. Pete, my friends Simon, Ben and I were only discussing just last night the idea of doing a CW transceiver based around the Sudden on a 10x10cm PCB for use as a SOTA radio. And here you have already done it and made it digital. Awesome work.

  4. 'Hi Rob, (and friends)

    I am told that the latest SPRAT should be in the "Royal Mail" as of yesterday so depending where you are in the world you could have your copy today or as in my case on the Left Coast of the USA (currently enjoying the title Trumpnation) it won't be until a week or so from now. The Digital interface has been tried with a half dozen or so homebrew transceivers and wsjt-x software. Flawless is a really good term.

    The nut I had to crack was the switch over from the Serial Port to USB as many modern computers lack a Serial Port. Good thing I grew up in an era of transistor switches and relays as that is what I understand and what parts I had in the junk box. The more modern ham would have done it with PFET's and a bit of magic. Concurrently with SPRAT release I will be providing additional resource information via my website at http://www.n6qw.com.

    Oh I have used several different computers including an old Windows 7 Netbook (current configuration). I have loaded wsjt-x onto a Raspberry Pi2 but sadly have only been able to make it play with an earlier version of wsjtx which skips WSPR and FT8. I have seen some videos and tutorials on how to get the wsjt-x 1.9.1 to work with the Pi but defiantly my Pi2 says "no way Jose". So maybe your group can crack that nut as that would make for a really portable rig.

    Pete N6QW


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