Ending the Year of New Technology

A Bright Spot on the New Technology Frontier!

December 29, 2020 ~ Just a Few Days Left!

How it used to be done! Four Tube (TOOB) SSB transmitter with 10 Watts output, See Editor's and Engineers, Radio Handbook, 18th Edition (W6SAI), and the Transistor Radio Handbook from Les Earnshaw (ZL1AAX)  and Don Stoner (W6TNS) circa 1963.

This predates the IC-705 and the FTdx10. (Costs less too!)

Happy New Year!

Pete N6QW

December 26 --- Fun With Homebrew Rigs.

Thanks Wes & Terry!

Christmas 2020 ~ Pasta Pete at Work.


Enter the Backpack SDR Project! What a great way to end 2020 and to light off 2021.

This SDR project involves the use of the Teensy 4.0 or 4.1 along with COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) hardware to form a SDR Transceiver. It will eventually have a waterfall and spectrum display (ILI9341 or ILI 9488) that are TOUCH SCREEN displays.

A new ".io" group has been formed for this project found at https://groups.io/g/keithsdr

A word about the COTS -- the main receiver board with the BPF's and LPF's come from QRP Labs (Hans Summers) a companion Transmit Board is in work and all else comes from Banggood * in China and eBay. 

I hope to test drive the Backpack SDR only using my RADIG board in lieu of the separate Tayloe Detector Rx and Tx Boards. I have the ILI9341 but awaiting the ILI9488. This could be exciting and a new SDR to arrive on scene for 2021.


Pete N6QW

* Any one else snicker every time that word appears in print? 

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