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Simpleceiver Plus Superhetrodyne ~ An Ultimate form of DifX

The Simpleceiver Plus Superhetrodyne!     10/10/2017 ~ ADE-1 Product Detector Fitted to the Simpleceiver Plus I have temporarily installed (polite words for hay wired) the ADE-1 Double Balanced Mixer in place of the original J310's used as a Dual Gate MOSFET Product Detector. This was done to facilitate the transition to the SSB Transceiver. You can listen for yourself in the two you tube videos below. I am satisfied with the result and this greatly simplifies the build -- a lot less parts and ease of transition from receive to transmit. The ADE-1 has but four connections with Pin 6 being the BFO input and Pin 3 is the RF input and Pin 2 is the IF output (AF in this case). Pins 1, 4 and 5 are grounded             I have had some further communication from Johannes in downtown Freiburg, Germany. He has completed his Simpleceiver Plus SSB transceiver and sent along some photos. I am including several of the photos. First I want to complement him on his buil