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2021 ~ A Chance to Explore the Old and Update with the New!

So OK you Don't Want to Hear About Homebrew SDR Radios! APRIL 2, 2021 WYKSYCDS! N6QW Does it Again! Reworking Commercial Radios for use on the Ham Bands! April 1, 2021 ~ It May Be Working Again! This is how it looked before N6QW took at turn at the CNC. Following what I posted earlier, I checked for voltage switching on PTT and for proper bias on Diodes D2 and D3 for Rx and Tx. Harkening back to the good old days, just like the GF who  wasn't pregnant (after a close scare) we now see the rig working again. The mystery signal is somewhat back but pretty much a lot less than it was. I have no rational explanation of what happened; but perhaps the Radio Gods wanted me to understand how the circuit actually works. I do know now; but still do not know what happened. Pete N6QW April 1, 2021 ~ What is the problem(s)? My HF Scout simply stopped working on transmit. The receiver works FB and it will shift over to transmit when you engage the PTT. But there is no RF and nor a waveform si

2021 ~ A Year Moving Forward. Strap In! Your Next Rig will be an SDR Based Transceiver!

  Time to Smell the New Rose -- An SDR! March 27, 2021 ~ Total HB SDR XCVR 5 Watt, 40M SDR Transceiver -- all on one board! Several years ago I built The RADIG V.3 SDR that all fit on one chunk of Aluminum; but required an external HDMI display. In fact this was my 2020 back yard Field Day station as shown below. Now with the new display I found it has suddenly shrunk in size in term of the foot print. The 3.5 inch TFT display simply plugs into the Raspberry Pi3 and we are off and running ! Actually I now have two versions of the display. One came as a $23 kit for the RPi4 and the other is intended for the RPi3 and is just the Display (about $15). THERE is a huge difference. The RPi4 version can be used with the RPi3 and is the BETTER choice. Let me explain. There is a slight difference in the software set up --which is a problem because there is no explanation of what software to use. But some Internet Sleuthing found something the works for the RPi3 version --but it is clunky and has

2021 ~ A Year Moving Forward

A year ago we never  fully thought  about what  was coming! The DISPLAY arrived! Treedix Display Mounted on a RPi3 I adjusted the screen resolution from the default (720X480)  and that corrected the earlier problem of a truncated screen. I even got the resolution so large you could not use the stylus for touch screen changes. The above seems to be just about right. Bottom line is it worth $23 -- Yes. I have proceeded to buy the RPi4 from element14. You can get the 2GB version for $35. This could be fun! The Display arrived today and above is a You Tube Video of the presentation to the River City Amateur Radio Society. Getting it to work was not so evident and having the advantage of tribal knowledge helps. This was not plug and play! In order to install the display on the RPi3, you first must load some drivers. Initailly when I plugged it in --the screen was blank. The I noted on the box a URL you could hardly read and it went like this: www/ By goin

2021, A Year To Make A Change in your Hobby ~ It is time you built something!

In the Beginning All Hams Rigs were Home Built! March 5th, 1942, the founding of the US Navy, Seabee Construction Battalions. Happy 79th Birthday to all Seabees past and present! Our Motto "Can Do!" [N6QW proudly served in the US Naval Civil Engineer Corps, 1963-1967 with assignments in MCB10, the 30th and 31st Naval Construction Regiments. No Bone Spurs here!] The IARU was wrong when they stated hams are hams for two reasons: Contesting and Operating! Some hams actually build their own rigs and are using them on the air! Join that growing group of dedicated solder melters by building a rig and enjoy the ability to say "The Rig on This End Is Homebrew!". Bill, N2CQR and myself participated in a Zoom Radio Club Meeting on March 2nd  held by the River City Amateur Radio Club in Sacramento, CA. This club is undertaking a DIY project involving a souped up Tuna Tin 2 + CW transmitter. Yes it does have an Arduino and Si5351 --so no rockbound crystal control here. Our pres