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2021 ~ A Year Moving Forward. Strap In! Your Next Rig will be an SDR Based Transceiver!

  Time to Smell the New Rose -- An SDR! March 27, 2021 ~ Total HB SDR XCVR 5 Watt, 40M SDR Transceiver -- all on one board! Several years ago I built The RADIG V.3 SDR that all fit on one chunk of Aluminum; but required an external HDMI display. In fact this was my 2020 back yard Field Day station as shown below. Now with the new display I found it has suddenly shrunk in size in term of the foot print. The 3.5 inch TFT display simply plugs into the Raspberry Pi3 and we are off and running ! Actually I now have two versions of the display. One came as a $23 kit for the RPi4 and the other is intended for the RPi3 and is just the Display (about $15). THERE is a huge difference. The RPi4 version can be used with the RPi3 and is the BETTER choice. Let me explain. There is a slight difference in the software set up --which is a problem because there is no explanation of what software to use. But some Internet Sleuthing found something the works for the RPi3 version --but it is clunky and has