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Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver ~ A new DifX

The Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver is on the Air!10/29/2017 ~ Stations Worked on the N6QW Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver CQ WWJA7FZNJR2GRXAH6BT8P5AXL5T As you can see I am a big time contester. But I sure could hear lots of stations and so am delighted with how this homebrew project has turned out. The XL5T was worked running about 6 watts. Have some parts on order which should arrive next week (mid-week) and hope to start construction of the V.2 Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver. Essentially the circuits are mostly on a single PC board and will have a 9 MHz IF. I will share that info on this blog 73's Pete , N6QW

10/28/2017 ~ Another Simpleceiver Plus SSB is "On the Air"
Here is the text of an email I received from Jelle, PA3GUP, this morning;

Hi Pete,

First 3 contacts in the log

M6T, 222KM

DP6T, 369KM

OK7K, 692KM

All with 10watt and a small dipole.

best 73 Jelle, PA3GUP

So OK time to get off the couch and get with the program. I was happy to hear about Jelle's succ…

Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver ~ A new DifX

A Move to the Simpleceiver SSB Transceiver. The Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver is on the Air! 10/22/2017 ~ The Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver 1st QSO with W1AW/6 It does not get any better than this -- imagine my surprise when at 9:30 AM PDST on 7.185 MHz I heard W1AW/6 calling CQ --several times. I could resist no longer. Gave him a call and the Op Marty, called me back. Boom! The Radio Gods Have Spoken. My very 1st QSO with the Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver and it is with W1AW/6. This was a special events station at San Ramon, CA  (SF Bay area) in connection with Pacificon (a Ham Radio Event). I was running 500 MW with the EMRFD Driver board and my report was 5X8. Needless to say the most amazed person was me! San Ramon is about 350 Miles form the N6QW Newbury Park Laboratories. So OK -- here is a photo -- it looks like crap but works like a bomb!  The EMRFD Driver Board is at the Top Center off the bread board. I did not even have the TR relay set up so the Driver board is…