Monday, June 12, 2017

A New Line of Transceivers ~ DifX

Transceiver Architecture 2.21

We must look to the past often times to see the clarity of the way forward. I am reminded of something that Thomas Edison experienced. (Don't know if this is factual but may be more of an urban legend thrown in for good measure.)
It seems there was a major fire at his Menlo Park Laboratories and with that fire many of Edison's projects were burnt to a crisp. One of his assistants was lamenting to Edison about how terrible the situation was in that many of his projects were no more. Edison, ever the visionary, said this is actually good! The assistant could not believe what he heard --Edison chimed in -- "most of what burnt up didn't work and I just didn't have the heart to take it to the dump". The fire actually solved a problem for Edison --with the clutter removed he could focus on  more productive things.
So it is with all things Dishal! I had a ceremonial fire today and gone is all that wretched crap that didn't work and probably never would work. But with that fire, I have a new plan and I think a much better solution for the second filter. I am somewhat mad that I didn't noodle this before.
While I work the new approach the blog will be silent. But I am really jazzed that where I am headed will in effect be a super DifX.
June 12, 2017
Pete, N6QW

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