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2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

6/1 ~ More Progress on the Touch Screen

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73's Pete N6QW 5/24 ~ A Dual Conversion Transceiver!

Perhaps one of the most sterling examples of a Double Conversion Transceiver is the UBitx which is currently enjoying international acclaim and wide spread "tinkering".

In 2012 I built the KWM-4 which was a double conversion with a 1st IF of 10,7 MHz and used an FM type crystal filter for the 1st IF and that signal was mixed with a fixed 10.245 MHz crystal oscillator to result in a difference of 455 kHz. That worked very well using the cylindrical (early KWM2 style) filter. So now I have two Collins 455 kHz, mechanical filters with one at 2.1 kHz Band Width (bathtub later version) and a second at 3.2 kHz cylindrical type. These are begging to be used in a new rig.

My earlier venture used a K5BCQ Si-570 board to control frequencies using channels for LSB and USB. In essence I shifted the 1st LO frequenc…

2018 ~ The Year of SSB Transceivers

May 8, 2018 … Winding things down!
This seems like a good place to wrap things up and this will be the last of the blog posts.
Hopefully I have encouraged other to take up the iron and build something. This is such an amazing time for the homebrew enthusiast, whether you scratch build something or build a kit, there is an amazing sense of pride in being able to say I did that.
Good luck and Happy Trails. 
This has been a fun ride and now time to close up the blog and turn off the iron.Thanks for riding along.
73's Pete N6QW