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21st Century Homebrew SDR SSB Transceiver Project

Roll Your Own SDR SSB Transceiver   N6QW Moves Totally to the Dark Side of the Hobby! 11/27/2017 ~ Observations and 1st DX Contact Today I wanted to spend a bit of time comparing the new SDR homebrew transceiver to "filter" type rigs I have built. First though I do want to share that I worked my very 1st DX station with the SDR rig and that was XF1IM who is in lower Baja California. The distance was 1600 miles running 100 watts. So I am beaming from ear to ear.   Firstly I do want to acknowledge once again the pioneering work of Charlie, ZL2CTM and his several you tube videos that got me kick started into rolling my own SDR rig. Notwithstanding I do have several SDR kit radios including several Softrocks and the Omnia based on the Peaberry --and even one that uses a Softrock with a Raspberry Pi. So I am not brand new to SDR, but I am new to rolling my own.   Above all there seems to be a clarity to the signals and perhaps that is because the bandwidth may be

Simpleceiver Plus Version 2 SSB Transceiver

V 2.0 of the Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver 11/13/2017 ~ Last Posting on the Simpleceiver Plus SSB XCVR     Thanks for riding along but now it is time to move on --Perhaps Part 15 Low Power Neighborhood FM radio stations using a Arduino and Si5351 in an FM Mode much like VU2ESE. It is a whole new world out there. I can only hope the readers have enjoyed this project as much as I have.   n6qwradiogenius   73's Pete N6QW 11/12/2017 ~ A Few More Photos Before Painting JuliYellow Note new email address as of 11/12/2017:   n6qwradiogenius         An approach for indicating USB/LSB --The Red Square. Works for Me. So far have had a bout 10 contacts and the Rig is doing exceptionally well.   Pete   N6QW 11/11/2017 ~ On the Air QSO with KC6FZY. The Simpleceiver Plus SSB Transceiver is nearly complete and the documentation will ultimately shift to my website . Most likely there will be no more