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2021 ~ Oh No, Another Rig!

  Why is this a different Rig? Well it is isn't different from many other rigs I have built. The Tried and True Plessey Amp stage is installed on either side of a packaged crystal filter and life moves  on with a standard bi-lateral IF module. This time the amps are fabricated using SMD 1206 sized components and the FT-23-43 cores.   The 2N2219 is used in the Bi-Directional Amp stage as well as the Driver Stage. The Final is an IRF510. The Mic Amp is a 2N3904 and the Audio Amp a 2N3904 with a LM-380N-8. The Nano/S-5351 provides the LO and BFO and this one has the larger ILI9341 Display. The physical size is 6X8X2.75 inches. I made an error when I cut the 1st front panel but with a bit of aluminum expanded metal to cover the hole it is now the back panel. It looks like I was trying to pay attention to provide ventilation -- Nope --just repurposing some material. I am looking to build a N6QW version of the Spillsbury Tindall SBX-11A Some very clever ham suggested this be called the &

2021 ~ A Shack Mystery Event

  A WhoDunnit Shack Mystery... May 10, 2021 ~ A Clue to Who! Late Breaking News. I had a standard 40M LPF from Communications Concepts Inc. and swapped out the installed board with the CCI Board. That seems to have fixed the 40M issue. I was able to have the intermediate amplifier and SB-200 in line without any oscillations. All appears well! The bottom line -- A $1.30 SM Cap was the culprit. ********* As so often happens to me when a problem comes up, my brain goes into the fog zone and our analysis process can get confused. So in looking back I remembered that with one of the QRP rigs that was on 20 Meters and connected to the intermediate amp -- there was not an issue. So I went back to testing other rigs connected to the intermediate amp on 20 Meters -- no feedback. I should mention that I installed a "snoop loop" of wire through the last iron powdered core before the antenna on the LPF and monitor the signal on the scope. A clean signal is evident by the pattern displaye