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What a difference one letter doth make ~ A new SSB Transceiver

One Letter Change Makes for a Whole New Meaning. 7-30-2019. Some more rig photos added. I recently said I have built about three dozen homebrew SSB Transceivers --this is just a sampling. That number might be low if you count all the way back to 1970! If any ham has built more than this number of homebrew rigs --let me know. 8-1-2019 This compilation is missing three rig photos including the Belthorn III and the Breadboard SSB. Also missing is the original ZL2CTM SDR XCVR. I think we are beyond 36. In the background I am working on a new SSB Transceiver that will use the really "old technology" -- a crystal filter. Don't get too excited just yet, as the project is a way off.  But noteworthy it appears my SDR adventures have left many uninterested in moving to the new state of the art -- that is OK too. Too bad though as it really is the new wave. Our hobby has a very large tent to accommodate the many interests.  Yes

RADIG ~ Ham Radio's new Tsunami Wave Issue 18

An "Al Fresco" View of RADIG V.2 But First ~ Some Pasta Pete Delights from the XYL's recent Birthday Party Stuffed Mushrooms prior to Baking  A 13 Granny Smith Apple Cobbler! Thinking about food is a great diversion from thinking about --you know who.  Now to the RADIG V.2 RADIG V.2 Out on the Bench and working FB. How about sharing the photos of your HB SDR Rig? 73's Pete N6QW